As per 28.01.2015


Our business is built upon trust. KPMG Advokaadibüroo in its capacity as a law firm considers our client's trust in the professional secrecy as well as the protection of personal data (data privacy) to be of great value. Furthermore, KPMG Advokaadibüroo abides to all applicable data protection acts and endeavours to continuously improve data protection.


Within the meaning of this Online Privacy Statement KPMG Advokaadibüroo means KPMG Advokaadibüroo OÜ. In the sense of this Online Privacy Statement websites are pages that are operated by KPMG Advokaadibüroo.


Collection, processing and use of personal data

KPMG Advokaadibüroo collects, processes and uses personal data only as far as this is allowed or provided for by the Estonian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) or other legal provisions or if the data subject has given his or her consent.


Collection and use of data for the provision and use of KPMG websites as well as accounting

KPMG Advokaadibüroo collects and uses personal data for the provision of websites only in case this is allowed by applicable law or other legal provisions or if the user has given his or her consent.


KPMG Advokaadibüroo may use the collected personal data made available for the provision of websites for other purposes only if this is allowed by applicable law or other legal provisions or if the user has given his or her consent.


Use of cookies, JavaScript and web beacons

KPMG Advokaadibüroo may use cookies, Javascript and web beacons in order to improve representation and navigation.

A cookie is a text file that is sent to the browser by the web server. Such a file contains the URL visited, the date of the visit as well as an expiration date that determines the period of the activity of the cookie. KPMG Advokaadibüroo uses cookies to determine the preferred areas on KPMG Advokaadibüroo websites whereas the user shall be enabled to secure his or her personal settings that are available the next time the web server is accessed. Aggregated statistics on the visits to the websites are carried out in order to determine the preferred areas on KPMG Advokaadibüroo websites.

You may choose whether or not you wish to accept cookies. You may configure the browser in such a way that you are notified in the event of the receipt of a cookie. You may also exercise your legal right to object by rejecting cookies in the browser configuration.


If you do not wish to accept cookies you may probably not make use of the full spectrum of the website functions.


KPMG Advokaadibüroo may apply JavaScript and web beacons in order to analyse visits to the website. JavaScript collects various information on the visitor's computer (e.g. IP address, the time of accessing the page, browser type and existence of cookies that are set before by the same server). The data are delivered to KPMG Advokaadibüroo via web beacons.


You may deactivate calls to JavaScript on your browser. Furthermore, you may deactivate web beacons by rejecting or deactivating cookies connected with it.


Analysis of the use of apps

The use of applications that may be made available by KPMG Advokaadibüroo for smart phones and tablet computers (so-called apps) is analysed via device IDs. This analysis is done anonymously. Therefore, KPMG Advokaadibüroo cannot draw any conclusions regarding the device user.


Specific KPMG websites, privacy notices and consents

In addition to the privacy notices given here specific privacy information (e.g. KPMG careers, KPMG alumni, order of newsletters) are applicable with regard to the use of specific websites. Users shall give their consents if this is necessary in order to legitimize separately the dealing with personal data entailed by KPMG Advokaadibüroo.

Your right to information, correction, deletion and blocking of data

You may ask KPMG Advokaadibüroo as the controller to provide you with information on the data stored about you as well as the purpose and origin of the stored data.

Furthermore, in accordance with the legal provisions you are entitled to have your personal data corrected, deleted or blocked.


Questions or suggestions?

For general questions or suggestions with regard to data protection please contact Head of KPMG Advokaadibüroo, Mr. Risto Agur, via